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PV Plant Procedure Management

If you need assistance in managing and filing a specific procedure for your PV power plant, large or small, you can count on us

  • Technical support for periodic checks (e.g. meter calibration, grounding systems inspection etc.) 
  • Regulatory adjustments (e.g. 421/2014/R/eel, 595/2014/R/eel, 786/2016/R/eel, 540/2021/R/eel etc.)
  • Assistance in complying with GSE requirements:
    1. Fuel Mix disclosure
    2. Antimafia certification
    3. Communication of performed maintenance and technical modernization (SIAD portal)
    4. Data and document upload in case of GSE inspections to preserve incentives (UVI portal)
    5. Simplified purchase & sale agreement request (RID ritiro dedicato) 
    6. Incentive request to GSE (FER, shared self-consumption...)
    7. Support for IGO qualification - plants powered by renewable sources (guarantee of origin)
  • Agenzia delle Dogane requirement compliance:
    1. Declaration of energy consumption and production 
    2. Production and feed-in register update
    3. Filing of changes
  • ARERA procedure compliance: 
    1. Unbundling declaration
    2. Annual survey on production data of electricity producers
    3. Calculation of the authority’s annual duty
  • Specific procedures (Cadastre recording or updates)
  • Assistance in procedures with the competent authorities in case of change of control or sale (transfer GSE/E-Distribuzione/TERNA Gaudì/UTF)
  • Management of grid connection procedures for domestic PV power plants (distributor/TERNA/GSE/ENEA and ENEA portal management)